7-day Hridaya Retreat (26 August – 3 September)

Kamala Yoga and Meditation Center and Hridaya Yoga teacher Rhazes Hernandez invite you to be with us for a week for a Hridaya Retreat, a unique immersion experience which uses an artful integration of meditation and yoga techniques to access your real and essential nature, known as the Spiritual Heart, the Supreme Self, or atman.

In this retreat we will set out the vision and fundamental principles of the Hridaya Yoga system – Yoga of the Spiritual Heart – and provide practical methods (postural procedures, breathing techniques, concentration and meditation) to create inner conditions conducive to exploring the deep dimension of Self-consciousness.

In the first part (26 – 30 August) we will have yoga and meditation in nature.

The last 3 days ( 31 August – 2 September) all participants will respect the noble silence – mauna, for interiorization, deeper meditations, introspection. During these 3 last days the participants will stay in complete silence and keep a solitary attitude while receiving a set of inspiring teachings and lectures  to provide with the opportunity to reach the deep states of consciousness that enable the revelation of the Heart. The approach is a unique integration of Advaita Vedanta, Tantra Yoga and Dzogchen.

You will learn a form of Self-Enquiry meditation inspired by the non-dual teachings of the great sages Ramana Maharshi and Nisagardatta Maharaj.

Most importantly, this retreat will help you experience what it means to be centered in the Heart. This means to be aware of that peaceful and eternal core of your being, which cannot be perceived by the rational mind but is the source of all inspiration, love, and beauty.

No previous meditation or yoga experience is necessary as this retreat is designed for beginner and advanced meditators alike.

This retreat is guided in English. 

The leader of the retreat

The Hridaya Meditation Retreat is led by Hridaya Yoga teacher Rhazes Hernandez.

Administrative details:

The retreat is held in Kamala Yoga and Meditation Center, located in Sanpentru, a village about 2 km from Brasov, near the wonderful forests and Carpati mountains. The trip from the Bucharest airport to Brasov takes about three hours, either by train or bus. We can offer you all the necessary information for a fast and safe transport to Sanpetru.

Accommodation and meals are provided by Kamala Center.

The diet is vegetarian (vegan on request).

The retreat fee (including accommodation and meals) is between 250300 euro, in double or single rooms.

For more info and registration, please contact Rhazes (or Kamala Center):

– by email: rhernandezt@gmail.com

– by phone, whatsapp +13472617120

Kamala Center contact info:

  • e-mail centrulkamala@gmail.com
  • phone/ whatsapp/ signal/ telegrom +40731324241

May the Sacred Tremor of the Heart enlighten our lives!

7-day Hridaya Retreat (26 August – 3 September)

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