The opportunity to invest and live in a Hridaya Community—Chartreuse du Glandier

Dear Family of the Heart,

Three years have passed since Hridaya Yoga began blossoming at a beautiful place in France, Domaine de Longeval. It’s been an intense, inspiring, and fascinating journey into which many Karma Yogis have put their passion, efforts, skills, and love.

We couldn’t have built this community without your enthusiasm, trust in this vision, and donations. For all this, we are grateful.

For over two years, we have been offering meditation retreats, yoga teachings, and workshops about the sacredness of the Heart in France. By sharing yogic wisdom, we are stirring the hearts of many people who are longing to understand themselves more deeply, to find the beauty and sacredness of life.

While this inspiring dharma will continue, some have expressed a yearning for a more residential center. A place where people dedicated to the Spiritual Heart can live and deepen their Self-awareness, friendship, and practice of meditation.

It may be possible that the chance to have such a place is already coming for our Hridaya Family. A former Carthusian monastery is being offered for sale. It’s on a large piece of land, comparable to the dimensions of a village, and would make an uplifting home for our community.

If this idea kindles your enthusiasm and resonates in your soul, we invite you to invest in your own house, apartment, or room in the Hridaya Community at Chartreuse du Glandier (see video above).

This project may finally be the realization of our initial vision for “Ramana Village.

”The Carthusian order is one of the most profound in the Christian monastic tradition. These monks, following the call of solitude and silence, dedicate themselves to a contemplative life. To again bring life and sacredness to such a place would be an honor. The nostalgia for the inner peace and sacredness of the Heart, as well as for communion, is universal. It is for these universal blessings that both the Carthusian monks and the Hridaya Community pray.

If this project happens, it will be in full synergy with the Hridaya Center in Longeval. There, the emphasis will continue to be on offering the teachings of the Heart on an ongoing basis. We have regretted not having space to be able to welcome everyone who has aspired to spend time in our spiritual community. This residential location would expand our capacity to serve the Heart.

Of course, there are still many unknowns before this project comes into being. The property will be sold at auction, and others may also want to participate.

The Hridaya Community may or may not yet be committed, prepared, and mature enough to embark on such a venture. We pray for divine grace and accept whatever happens, grateful if this new home is created and equally thankful for the learning experience, if not.

If you are interested in living in this community, please read the project overview and apply now. Of course, there will be a selection process to guarantee that all participants dedicate themselves to the same pure intentions and longing of the Heart.

We look forward to connecting with all those who hear the call.

Avec le Coeur,

Sahajananda and the Hridaya Yoga Team

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