10-days Silent Hridaya Retreat – 8-19 August 2014, Romania

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Date(s) - 08 august 2014 - 19 august 2014
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Centrul de meditație și yoga Kamala


Kamala Yoga and Meditation Centre organizes:

10 days Hridaya Retreat – A Silent Meditation Retreat for the Revelation of the Spiritual Heart

8-19 August 2014, Sanpetru (near Brasov), Romania
The Revelation of the Spiritual Heart Retreat is led by Claudiu Trandafir (Sahajananda), whose meditation, for years now, has been dedicated to the Revelation of the Spiritual Heart through Divine Love and the opening of the soul. Claudiu, an engineer in electronics by education, was formerly a professor at the University of Parapsychology in Bucharest, Romania. He has been a Yoga teacher for 25 years, specializing in solitary cave retreats, following the example of Ramana Maharshi and other Jnana Yoga masters. In 2001, after many solitary retreats, Claudiu began to guide groups of people using this method. He has led this special retreat for thousands of participants across Europe over the last seven years, and has also started to lead Retreat programs in Mexico and Thailand. By popular request, the Retreat program is now available in Canada, Great Britain, Romania, Israel, Switzerland, Thailand and India. His website: www.hridaya-yoga.com

During retreat, there will be guided meditations, lectures and practical techniques and methodologies including:

– Ramana Maharshi’s atma vichara method of introspection (Who Am I?)

– Techniques to still the mind using breath control

– Study of the symbolism of the Spiritual Heart

– Methods of passing from individual consciousness to Cosmic Consciousness

– Methods of Self-centering in daily life

– A proper understanding of Advaita Vedanta’s fundamental tenets

– Hatha Yoga sessions in a special spiritual style

– Other Yogic methods that approach the issue of the Spiritual Heart

– Sacred poetry

– The four fundamental stages in the process of the revelation of the Spiritual Heart

– Advice for maintaining awareness in the Spiritual Heart in the tradition of the Fathers of the Desert (from Christianity)

– Daily special meditations on themes connected with Self-revelation

– The Christian method of the Prayer of the Heart.


In order to create the preliminary conditions that facilitate our access to deep inner states, mental peace, and aspiration toward the Divine, it is necessary that certain rules be strictly followed for the duration of the retreat. These rules aim to create certain conditions that would resemble to those a yogi experiences in solitude, for instance in a cave retreat. The retreat atmosphere has been evaluated carefully as to how it can best support the attendees’ spiritual efforts. The rules are part of this support. All hopeful participants must agree to abide by these guidelines and the consequences of noncompliance: voluntary restraint , mauna (silence), no use of any electronics or media, or mobile phones, sexual abstinence, an attitude of solitude, gender segregation, following the schedule. You can read all the specific rules at this link.


Administrative details:

The opening meeting of the retreat will be held Friday 8th August 2014 at 19:00. During this meeting will be explained guidelines for participants, some general principles of the retreat and will be a first meditation. (For beginners there is the option to participate for the first 5 days of the Retreat.) All administrative details will be resolved in the evening, so that when the retreat will begin Saturday, 9th August, the following 5 or 10 days will be devoted exclusively for meditation and interiorization. Those who want to participate only the first 5 days will leave Thursday on 14th of August, in morning. For the others, the end of the silence will be Monday, 18th of August 2014, after the meditation of the afternoon, when they will share experiences lived in this period. Tuesday morning, on 19th August 2014, it will be the last meeting for meditation, questions and answers, lunch and the depart of participants.

After the retreat it will be a spiritual trip, yoga and meditation in nature, in the mountains and some caves near Brasov, between 20-23 August 2014. If you are interested, please ask more info.
The retreat is held in Sanpentru, a town about 2 km from Brasov. The trip from the Bucharest airport to Brasov takes about three hours, either by train or bus. We can offer you all the necessary information for a fast and safe transport to Sanpetru.

The retreat is held in English, with Romanian translation (if necessary).

There are three vegetarian meals daily (breakfast, lunch and dinner). First meal is the dinner on 8th August, last meal is the lunch on 19th August.


The total fee for retreat (accommodation, meals and coordination fee, for 11 days and nights) is:

– 340 euro (2-4 beds in room with bathroom)

– 320 euro (in the meditation hall or in the wood garden house, on folding beds, with shared bathroom)

– 285 euro in tent, shared bathroom (you have to bring your own tent, sleeping bag, mattress, etc.).


For early registration (till June 15th) , the fee will be between 260 euro (in tent) euro and 315 euro (in rooms with 2-4 beds).


Payment must be made in advance. A deposit of 150 euro is due with reservation.


Refunds Policy

If you want to cancel the participation in retreat:

-till 15th of June 2014 the deposit fee will be refunded (less bank transfer fee)

-till 15th of July 2014 will be refunded 50 % from the deposit fee

-after 15th of July 2014 the deposit fee is non refundable.

If a person makes the decision to leave a retreat, he or she does so with the foreknowledge that the fees are forfeited.

The only exception to this scenario is for cases of medical emergency, in which case – following substantiation of a refund request – Kamala Center will return fees for the unattended portion of the retreat (on a per diem basis, according to the rate of fees paid).


Registration is being coordinated by Kamala Yoga and Meditation Centre.


email: centrulkamala@gmail.com

phone: + 40 731 324 241 or + 40 268 360 424

More info: www.kamala.ro or www.hridaya-yoga.com.

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